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Petey's Pipeline E-zine is enjoying an early retirement (the writer/editor not so much); the blogs Frieddogleg & Petey's Pipeline take up the slack.

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Proofread and Edit for Perfection, Because
Your Business Success Depends on Excellence

There are three key elements in every successful commercial Web site. If your Web site lacks even one of them, you're leaving money on the table.

Listed in order of progression, these key elements are:

• Visual Appeal
Attractive Web pages keep visitors on your site long enough for them to read headings and subheadings.

• Magnetic Headlines
Catchy headlines capture visitors' attention and rivet their eyes to your page. Well-written headlines arouse visitors' curiosity, compel them to read the body text to learn more.

• Error-free Text
Professional writing and editing ensures accuracy, delivers your message on target, making you look like a professional.

What's on Your Web Site?

Can you confidently say that your Web pages are 100% error free? Has a qualified editor reviewed your Web pages line by line? If not, your Web pages may hide errors only your visitors see.

The Perils of Self-Editing

Spelling and grammar checkers are useful, but in a limited way. They won't, for instance, detect contextual errors that make up a high percentage of writing mistakes. Only an editor's critical eye can do that.

What makes self-editing such a perilous undertaking is that the untrained eye sees only what it expects to see. The forest remains hidden in the jungle because the expectant eye expects to see something else—and does.

An Editor's Passion and Purpose

Hi, 'Netrepreneurs. I'm Phil Hanson, freelance Web page writer and editor, and publisher of Petey's Pipeline E-zine.

Because of a life-long love affair with written language and an ongoing flirtation with words, I'm deeply committed to preserving our common heritage through a fastidious editing process that ensures accuracy and consistency.

Writing that's rife with errors makes you look careless, incompetent and unprofessional in the eyes of your Web site's visitors. My conscientious editing maintains accuracy on your Web pages, letting your Web site's visitors see you as the professional you are.

The Perfect Text Advantage

• Careful proofreading, editing and skillful writing renders flawless text to give your Web page content substance and meaning.

• Professionally written and edited text attracts high-quality link partners to help earn top search engine positioning.

• High-quality written content entices visitors to stay on your site and induces them to purchase your products or services.

• Professional writing and editing builds your credibility and your confidence.

The Perfect Text Guarantee
Perfect Text is more than the name of a Web site; it's a promise. When you hire me to proofread and edit your Web pages or write content for your Web site, you can be assured that when I'm finished, the text appearing on your Web pages will be perfect—100% error free. It's my promise to you, and my guarantee. I won't settle for anything less than perfect text and neither should you.

Seize the Advantage

You might not be a wordsmith, but when you use Perfect Text, you'll look like one. Click here, now, to seize the advantage—the Perfect Text advantage.

Copyright © 2005 by Phil Hanson
All rights reserved.

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Copyright © 2002–2010 by Phil Hanson
All rights reserved.

Petey's Pipeline E-zine is no longer in publication. It has been replaced by the blogs Frieddogleg and Petey's Pipeline, which are also off the wall, around the bend, over the top, and free!

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